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Why study?

No one better than the students themselves, to explain the reasons for studying the Master Expertise, Evaluation and Analysis of Works of Art at the University of Lleida:

Professional outings

The professional profile of the master's degree is mainly aimed at exploring the entrepreneurial possibility, stimulating an active attitude towards the management of new business ideas and facilitating the knowledge and tools to do it within the professional fields of conservation, exhibition and market of artistic works, as well as Cultural management and dissemination of artistic heritage. The graduated in the Master is thus able to perform in places such as:

- Auction Houses

-Galleries and Antiques

-Centers for Study, Expertise and Valuation of Art Works


-Centres of Contemporary Art

-Heritage Management Companies

-Broadcasting and Cultural Communication Companies

The master also allows the continuation of the research career and the performance in centers of historical-artistic study. Obtaining the official title of Master's Degree in Assessment, Evaluation and Analysis of Artworks gives access to the official Doctorate program of the UdL, Territory, Heritage and Culture, with a mention to Excellence by Resolution of October 6, 2011, of The General Secretariat of Universities (Ministry of Education).