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Master in Expertise, Evaluation and Analysis of Art Works    

The nou Master in Expertise, Evaluation and Analysis of Art works, is the first master of Spain in entrepreneurship and high professionalism in Art History. It is a response to a growing social demand in the formation of true professional art experts in all aspects of the study, research and dissemination of artistic and cultural heritage expressed in its broader and varied forms. It is aimed at training practice in empirical and applied studies on site, with the aim of improving the employability of art historians in a compelling, effective and sustained way.

Its two pillars make it a master innovator in his field of expertise. In first place, a date contents on multidisciplinary techniques and scientific methods used to date, catalog and characterize the cultural heritage. In second place, a practical process, whose main objective is the training of experts in art, able to create, develop and manage their own business.

Open registrations for the third edition: 2018-19.
Thanks to everyone - teachers and students - for the enthusiasm and interest shown.
We continue and begin a new stage: for this next edition we virtualize three of the elective subjects.