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Objectives and competences


  • The training of professional experts in art, in all aspects related to the study and research of artistic heritage. The different modules and their material offer an updated and multidisciplinary view of the scientific techniques and methodologies used to date, catalog and characterize the movable assets. In addition to knowing and deepening in the methodological advances and modern tendencies of study or diagnosis of the movable artistic patrimony, with special attention to the non destructive techniques (TND).
  • The training of students for the professional activity of the History of Art in the field of Protection of Historical Heritage, in order to be able to prepare and compose historical and artistic reports, which will contain description, analysis and Valuation of the artistic object.
  • Likewise, stimulating and promoting entrepreneurial concerns among students, means, not only stimulating the entrepreneurial nature and developing creativity and innovation in the specific environment of art and cultural industry, but also to help and respond to the current needs for creation of companies oriented to the cultural and patrimonial management. Therefore, the marked practical nature of the training program of the Master's Degree in Expertise, Evaluation and Analysis of Art Works has as its main objective in the training of art professionals who are capable of creating and managing their own company.